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Zyrans, a race of vampires from a galaxy far, far away, discover a new super food: Human Baby Teeth (HBT). HBT works like Botox with a daily serving of multivitamin thrown in. Wrinkle-free and chipper, they set aside their bloodlust and dig into HBT instead.  Paranoia, their ruler, usurps the title of Tooth Fairy. But playing the Tooth Fairy is a tough gig and Paranoia hates her job. Besides, polls indicate her plunging popularity on Earth, especially in America. Teenagers are to blame. Alarmed that her waning following will threaten Zyr’s funky new lifestyle, Paranoia deploys her elite army of shape-shifters to reverse teen skepticism. Thousands of Zyrans disguised as stray animals descend from space. Jumpy authorities respond to rising public panic by ordering their termination. A few shape-shifters end up in Fargo, ND. Damon, Paranoia’s ex con brother, finds sanctuary with the eccentric Carpone family as the puppy, OddD. As Paranoia’s precarious ploy unravels, the other shape-shifters are captured. OddD enlists the Carpone youngsters’ help to free his buddies. With a crazed politician, the news media, and a Zyran defector-turned-third-grade-teacher hot on their heels, can the children and OddD stay one step ahead of this high-octane chase?

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