When I lived in South Africa in the 80s, the Afrikaaner called this Indian appetizer a three-cornered-Coolie cookie. Seriously? Coolie is the derrogatory term they used to refer to anyone of Indian origin. At any event, a cookie it is not. It is a savory appetizer which is typically deep fried. I prefer to bake samoosas. The traditional way to make the dough that encases the meat filling is a pain to make from scratch. The few, the brave, the suckers with tons of time on their hands who don’t mind if their varicose veins pop, are rather dogged about doing this the traditional way. But since my varicose veins are not up for the task, I use a few easily¬†acquired alternatives such as spring roll wrappers, uncooked rotis (Indian store) or uncooked tortillas (Indian stores sell these or you can try any store that sells hispanic food supplies). Uncooked tortillas and uncooked rotis can be deep fried or baked (400 degrees for 15 minutes, turn the samoosas half way through the process). Spring roll wrappers do better deep fried. For the filling, you can use leftover veggies or ground meat or do what I do: use Hot Italian Chicken Sausage meat that is available at most grocery stores. If they are in a casing, remove the casing before you cook the meat in a pan. I don’t add anything to this meat as it is perfectly seasoned. If anything, you can toss a handful fo chopped cilantro into the meat after it is cooked. The meat will be lumpy, so it is best that you use a hand blender and mush it up a bit. A cheaper alternative to the meat filling is a potato and peas filling. Season this with fried onions, paprika, salt, cilantro or go crazy and add chopped chillies.
Once you have the filling prepared, follow these simple steps.

The uncooked rotis and tortillas come rolled out in perfect circles. Cut the circles in half. Form a cone with one half . Seal the edges. Fill half way with the filling. Press gently to fill the small spaces. Fold the top part of the cone over the opening and seal. Check the diagram if this is confusing. You can freeze these. Just thaw in the fridge before you cook it. They make great snacks and are wonderful to pack into kids lunches. Four samoosas contain the equivalent of two rotis/tortillas and about half a cup of cooked veggies or meat.


2 thoughts on “Samoosa

  1. In Kenya, they are Samosa or Sambusa. And street vendors will try to scam you by filling them with large potatoes. You think you’re getting a nice samosa filled with meat…


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